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New York Times glass office

JFK Airport glass room

Madison Ave. Revolving Door

Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass Roof Panel for MOMA

Custom Viracon Glass for MOMA

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revolving door

Air France tempered glass railing

blue tabletop

Cablevision mirror finished stainless steel gate

curved shower doors

curved skylight

29th Street

Tadiran safety glass

Park Avenue glass wall

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Glass Art by Glass Possible

Glass Possible has collaborated with Laurence Gartel, the Father of Digital Art, to create brand new processes in order to transmute Gartel's ground-breaking artworks into works of glass art.

Watch Gartel talk about his amazing career and about collaborating with Glass Possible to create glass artworks using completely new techniques:

Please enjoy this gallery of Gartel Glass Art and contact our CEO Glen Greenberg if you'd like to be put in contact with the artist directly.

Gartel's official website is gartelmuseum.weebly.com (graphics heavy site)

Gartel's official website is gartelmuseum.weebly.com (graphics heavy site)

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