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Products & Services

Glass Possible provides many types of glass for an array of applications. We can customize all of the glass you need to your exact specifications!

Scroll down to learn about our various conventional glass offerings or jump straight to our High Tech Glass!

Tempered Glass - a popular form of safety glass, tempered glass is strong and thermal resistant, and prevents injury by breaking into small fragments. It is made from annealed glass by a thermal tempering process. Tempered glass is used for tabletops, doors, and windows.
Laminated Glass - another type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer, which keeps the glass bonded. In the event of breaking, a "spider web" cracking pattern is produced.
Frosted Glass - a type of glass that is acid etched, obscuring the view while still passing light. This is most commonly used for doors.


Glass Possible is your storefront specialist!

Project for Citibank

We have manufactured and installed countless storefronts in the New York metropolitan area for many years -- from small, family-owned businesses, to offices, to NYC high-rise buildings (see our project photos!).

Call us today if you would like a new storefront erected or simply a window pane or door replaced in your existing storefront. We will send someone out immediately to take field measurements and give you the best price.

Table Tops

(shown during construction)

If you would like a glass tabletop -- whether it be for practical use or decorative flair, Glass Possible offers customized glass for your needs. We manufacture table tops to go into an existing frame or to simply lay over your table. Glass Possible prides itself in making table tops virtually any shape (square, round, oval, racetrack) or size. Table tops can be made with a single sheet of glass, called clear float or tempered glass, making it stronger and shatterproof. Prices vary, based on many factors: the thickness of the glass, whether or not the edges or polished (to prevent injury), the shape, and the dimensions. Call us today and our dedicated sales team will discuss the many styles and pricing options.

Shower Doors

Glass is a custom manufacturer of shower doors and units. Shower doors are made one of two ways: framed and frameless.

A framed shower unit is a more traditional, economical option for your bathroom, because the unit is made with thinner glass. Please see below for options.

Here are some options for a framed finish for your glass:

Polished Aluminum, Brite Dip, Polished Brass, Polished Black, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, Satin Black, Satin Blue, Satin Red, Dark Pewter, Brushed Silver, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Gold, White Powder Coat, and Almond Powder Coat.

You can also choose from many types of glass for a framed units are:

Obscure, Clear, Rain, Smooth Rough, Grey Tint, Bronze Tint, Green Tint, Blue Tint, Grey Reflective, Bronze Reflective, Reeded, and Crossreeded.

Frameless are a more contemporary choice for your shower by eliminating a majority of the metal framework around the glass. Frameless units are mostly made with 3/8 inch tempered glass. However 1/2 inch glass is also available.

Below are some choices for a frameless shower unit:

Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, White and Antique Brass.

Choices of glass for frameless units in 3/8 inch:

Clear, Rain, Grey Tint, Bronze Tint, Starphire, Matelux and Reeded.

Choices of glass for frameless units 1/2 inch:

Clear, Grey Tint, Bronze Tint, Starphire, and Acid Etched.

Our sales team can you help you choose which glass and finish is right for you. We will work with you to make your shower unit match your bathroom design. Call us today!


project completed for the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC)

Clear Mirror: Clear glass with a silver backing clear glass is used for standard mirror applications. The thickest a mirror can be is 1/4".

Beveled Mirror: A mirror which has a angled edge. It gives a more decorative feel to the mirror.

Ultra Clear Mirror: Clear mirror without the slightly greenish tint, making it appropriate for situations in which maximum clarity is needed.

Tinted Mirror: Mirror which has a colored tint on it.

Antique Mirror: Coatings or tints are applied to give the mirror look an aged look.

Retro Vanity Mirror
as seen in Architectural Digest Magazine

Concave Mirror: Glass is curved inward, and then coated, creating enlarged reflections.

Convex Mirror: The glass curves outward, creating reduced reflections.

There are numerous types of mirror we can manufacture for your application -- tempered mirror, laminated mirror, two-way mirror, just to name a few -- in any size and shape. Call us today to discuss the many possibilities!

View Mirror Projects



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